Weekend $7 and $8 Flower Specials + New Products + much more!

Weekend Flower Special

Gold Label Blueberry X Headband
$7/Gram Weekend Special
18 – 26% THC
Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
Available in 3.5 quantities only
(Regularly Priced at $9.25/gram)

Gold Label Purple Kush
$8/Gram Weekend Special
17-28% THC
Available in 3.5g quantities only
(Reg. Priced at $9.25/gram)

New Products

Elevated Holy Goat Wax
0.5 gram for $25

Derived Syringes 
Sour Diesel and Blueberry x Headband
Available in 1/2g for $27.50 and 1g for $50

Budder Pros Durango OG Wax
Available in 1g for $50


Buy Local Thursday Specials

Every Thursday all of our Seven  Clover Silver Label Ounces on sale for $125
(Reg. price $150)