?  Fall Has Arrived!  ?

Price Drops, New Flower Drop, $7, $8 & $9 Gram Specials & More!

All $12/gram strains will now be $11.50/gram, including strains like:
  • Channel+
  • Epic Ray’s Purple Haze
  • Incredible Hulk
  • SinMint Cookies
  • The Guice
All $10.50/gram strains will now be $10/gram, including strains like::
  • B-Witched
  • Durango OG
  • Durban Relief
  • Frank’s Gift
  • Holy Goat
All $9.30/gram strains will now be $9.25/gram, including strains like::
  • Blueberry x Headband
  • Cherry Diesel
  • Colorado Clementines
  • Purple Kush
  • Sour Pez
  • THC Bomb

New Flower Drop

23.54% THC
*Price dropped to $11.50/gram
(Orig. Priced $12/gram)

Durban Relief
20.44% THC
*Price dropped to $10/gram
(Orig. priced $10.50/gram)

Sour Pez
21.41% THC
Indica-Dominant Hybrid
*Price dropped to $9.25/gram
(Orig. priced $9.30/gram)

Weekend Flower Special

Ice Cream Cake
$9/Gram Weekend Special
23 – 26% THC
Available in 1g, 3.5g and 28g
(Reg. priced $13/gram)

The Guice
$8/Gram Weekend Special

21 – 24% THC
Available in 1g, and 3.5g quantities
(Reg. priced $13/gram)

Stardawg OG
$7/Gram Weekend Special
19 – 26% THC
Available in 1g and 3.5g quantities
(Orig. Priced $12/gram)

Back in Stock!

We are back in stock with our Karma Products including Koi, Kubes and Cookies!