What makes Seven Clover different? Not only are we produced the highest quality cannabis products, we also have on onsite doctor. We want to introduce you to Dr. Karen. Read more about her passion for cannabis below and stay tuned for news on our Grand Opening late this Summer.

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-Eli Burgeone, Head Grower Seven Clover

A Doctor Without Borders

In a medical community still largely held back by antiquated ideas about medical cannabis, Dr. Karen Halliday is stepping forward.

Dr. Karen, as her cannabis patients know her, will be collocating at Seven Clover’s Nob Hill dispensary to help potential patients receive state medical cannabis cards.  Retired from her previous clinical work, she now maintains a practice focused on integrative health care, including movement, sleep hygiene, stress control and diet. She also has a particular interest in the potential of medical cannabis, which she saw help friends and family suffering with chronic pain and cancer.

“I was quite impressed by what they had to say and what it did for their issues,” Dr. Karen says. “I’ve been amazed and impressed by how it has helped people with fewer side effects [than pharmaceuticals].”

She says she is particularly optimistic about the potential for cannabis to take the place of highly addictive opioids for chronic pain treatment.

“Cannabis works better and has fewer side effects,” Dr. Karen notes. “[Cannabis patients] are people that are moved off the track of potential addiction.”

Access to Dr. Karen’s practice begins with her assistant, Jessica who will assess the patient’s potential to qualify for a medical cannabis card based on their medical complaints.  If the patient may qualify, Jessica will make an appointment with Dr. Karen and let the patient know what documents they’ll need to bring to the appointment to get approval from the Department of Health.

If you have further questions regarding the process to become a patient within the Medical Cannabis Program call Tim, Dr. Karen’s Certification Specialist at:

Access to Dr. Karen’s practice begins by calling 505-985-3460 you’re your questions will be answered, an appointment made with Dr. Karen and information provided about whether to bring medical documents along.

Just call 505-985-3460

or email Jessica@createoptimum.com

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