Dia De Los Muertos Weekend Specials, New Flower Drop, New Products & More!

New Flower Drop:

Blueberry X Headband
This last harvest tested at a
very potent 26.31% THC!
Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
We are so proud of this flower that we are also offering her to you aspart of our weekend special 
— enjoy her this weekend at only $7/gram!
(Reg. $9.25/gram)

Dia De Los Muertos Weekend Special

Ice Cream Cake
? $8/Gram  Weekend Special ?
23-26% THC
Available in 1 gram and 3.5 gram quantities
(Reg. priced $13/gram)

New Products!

Elevated Glass 1 Gram Syringes
$55 for 1 gram

Elevated Hybrid Cartridges
$35 for 1/2 gram

WEW Brands Medicated Pecann’s

50mg THC
$11 per bag