Weekend $7, $8 and $10 Gram Specials, New Flower Drops, New Products & More!
Weekend Specials Available at both Seven Clover locations: 

1016 Juan Tabo NE & 3800 Central SE
New Flower Drop

Kosher Kush
24-29% THC
*This specific lot of Kosher Kush tested in at 27.01% THC!
Available in 1 gram and 3.5 gram quantities only 

$8/Gram Weekend Special
16-23% THC
*This specific lot of Reba tested in at 22.38% THC!
Available in 1 gram and 3.5 gram quantities
(Reg. priced $10/gram)
Weekend Specials

CBD – Frank’s Gift v3.0
$7/Gram Weekend SpecialCBD 9-21%
6-15% THC
Available in 3.5 gram quantities only
(Reg. priced $10/gram)

White Fire OG
$10/Gram Weekend Special
27-28% THC
Available in 3.5 gram quantities
(Reg. priced $13/gram)
New Products

Budder Pros C02 Cartridges and Syringes
62% THC
0.5 gram cartridge is $35
1 gram syringe is $45

Elevated Wax
Available in: Purple Kush and Hybrid
0.5 gram is $27.50