Route 66 Summerfest Saturday Specials + Weekend $7, $8, $9 Gram Specials + New Flower Drop & More! 

Stop by and visit  Seven Clover during
Route 66 Summerfest in Nob Hill!

Saturday-Only Summerfest Specials

$5 Prerolls
Summerfest Saturday Only Special

Available in Indicia and Hybrid
(Reg. priced $6.50/gram)

25% Off All Candy Medibles
Summerfest Saturday Only Special

While supplies last
Prices may vary.

New Flower Drop!

Strawberry Blonde
$10.50/Gram Price Drop

19 – 25% THC
Available in 1g, 3.5g, 14g, and 28g containers
(Price drop from $12/gram to $10.50/gram)

Weekend Flower Specials

New Flower Drop:
Purple Kush
$7/Gram Weekend Special

17 – 23% THC
(Reg. priced $9.30/gram)

Holy Goat
$8/Gram July Special

18 – 24% THC
(Reg. priced $28/ 3.5 gram)

Stardawg OG
$9/Gram Weekend Special

19 – 26% THC
(Reg. priced $12/gram)
New Products Available!

Epic Ray’s
Purple Haze
Bhang Cartridges

0.65 gram for $35

Derived Syringes
1g of CO2 Extracted Honey Oil

In strain specific:
Kosher Kush & Epic Ray’s Purple Haze

$50 each cartridge